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** Beware of large Home Improvement Centers and Chain Stores!  According to our customers, their prices are much higher. They charge by the square foot instead of square yard (so it sounds cheaper), and the knowledge of their sales staff and installers is questionable. They also hire outside measuring companies.  Worst of all, they usually double subcontract their work out, which means they hire a company (subcontractor #1) to install your carpet, who then hires outside contract installers (subcontractor #2) to install your job.  These procedures can cause various problems throughout the whole purchasing and installation process, not to mention that you pay for all these unnecessary services..
** Beware of companies that are strictly shop-at-home with no location to visit - it may at first seem convenient to have a shop-at-home company bring carpet samples to your home to choose your carpet, but don't limit or short-change yourself by looking at only a handful of very small over-priced samples from a high-pressure salesman.  Most of these types of businesses work from their homes with a P.O. box for an address, and, should there be any problem, they may simply avoid your call.  It's much better to deal with an established, reputable business with a location to visit if you have any questions or concerns. Even if you want to visit the store, and then see those same samples in your home before making a final decision, it's no problem, we'll bring them with us when we measure.  And we do offer shop at home services as well, but we have a fully stocked van to come to your home with hundreds of samples to choose from and 4 brick and mortar locations for all your carpet and flooring needs.
** Beware also of fly-by-night companies who move from place to place, or that are here one year, gone the next, trying to imitate established businesses unsuccessfully. They also subcontract their work out and they may not be there for you tomorrow.  Do business with a well established company that has stood the test of time. Deal with someone who can handle both your current and future needs.  A company that will be there in the future should you need assistance with your carpet  warranty, or a carpet repair. We've been in business for decades and we'll be here for many more.
** Beware of carpet dealers who only recommend subcontract installers to install the carpet that they sell to you.  You pay for the carpet and pad at one company, then arrange to get the carpet to your home, then arrange for another dealer-recommended company to install it, whom you have to pay separately.  As a result, you end up paying sales tax for the carpet, and if the carpet is damaged, or any problems occur during the installation, or afterward, both companies may consider servicing your carpet a hassle.  The store may blame the installer, the installer may blame the store, and you're stuck in the middle.  Don't even think about filing a claim for a warranty issue! The dealer who sold you the carpet, if they even bother, is only responsible for providing you with new carpet.  No padding, no carpet removal, no new carpet installation. You would have to pull out the defective carpet on your own, transport it to a loading dock, pick up the replacement carpet, then hire someone else to install it again.