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SmartStrand is the only carpet that features an ALL PET STAIN WARRANTY


SmartStrand Forever Clean has no dye sites for spills to adhere to so the carpet is naturally stain resistant. Even when your pet has an accident, your carpet will remain easy to clean.  This includes all pet stains.  Solid, Liquid, even Vomit.


Advanced Nanoloc spill and soil shield encapsulates the fiber so it’s three times easier to remove pet hair, soil and dander common with household pets.


With SmartStrand Forever Clean, pet accidents will not absorb into the fiber. This added protection prevents and reduces common pet-related odors.

  Using the most advanced fiber innovation, SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets offer the highest level of beauty, comfort and performance available.

• Exceptional durability to preserve the style, beauty and appearance of your carpet

• The only carpet with permanent, built-in stain and soil protection that won’t wear or wash off

• Nanoloc™ spill and soil shield for quick and easy cleanup

• 0% moisture absorption to reduce musty, dingy odors

• The only carpet featuring All Pet Protection and Warranty

•  The only renewable carpet fiber, certified free of harmful substances, to preserve a healthy home and a beautiful planet

• Luxurious softness that you can sink your toes into

Beauty in the Fiber’s DNA.

SmartStrand’s unique, spring-like fiber molecules preserve the carpet’s beauty and appearance over time.  Carpet adds beautiful warmth and comfort to a room like no other flooring.  SmartStrand Forever Clean lets you enjoy this comfort with long-lasting peace of mind.  SmartStrand Forever Clean is made with an innovative fiber, engineered to resist matting and crushing.  This unique trait is built into the fiber at the molecular level causing the fiber to bounce back, maintaining its beauty and appearance over time.  This performance boost gives SmartStrand Forever Clean a particular durability advantage when it comes to premium soft fibers, such as SmartStrand Silk. Amazingly, in comparison tests, SmartStrand Silk Forever Clean retained its beautiful appearance after 60,000 footsteps.* That extraordinary durability proved to be up to three times longer than comparable soft nylon carpets.  So rest soft and easy with SmartStrand Silk Forever Clean, the world’s most durable and softest carpet.

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